Saturday, January 5, 2008

We went to the chocolate museum in Brugge.  I must come from royal blood lines because in europe only the wealthy or nobility could have chocolate for a long time. Some priest tried to stop people from drinking cocoa in church (the chocolatiers continually interrupted his service when delivering the cocoa) and banned it, but he got murdered soon after. 

I learned a lot about my addiction but got really, really hungry for chocolate. I was pretty much rabid by the time we left so we did another choc-off. 

The Chocolate Line vs Neuhaus     
Winner: Neuhaus (PS they invented the praline. duh)

My favourite display at the chocolate museum. 

Question: Does chocolate make you fat? 
Answer: blah blah blah, pretty much FALSE


Nasty said...

yo wendy. chocolate doesnt make you fat, it just makes your ass fat! ha! hope you are having fun in Brugge. "This is for my hommies in Brugge" random movie trivia. What movie is that line from?

Suck it!

Nathan said...

Austin Powers: The spy who shagged me!

You've gotta do better than that Wick Nasty.

Wendy Simms said...


Michael R. said...

Hi Wendy,

Congratulations on a very nice 5th place ride in Leivin! You rock, and 'Keep on Truckin'

Go Canada!


Nathan said...

Nice work Wendy! Way to kick Euro ass!

Team Vancouver Island said...

Hey Wendy! Nice work over there, a speedster on the bike and a rock star blogger too! I enjoy your stories, especially the ones that cover cycling & chocolate together, doesn't get any better!! If you want some extra web browsing to do, and to keep tabs on some of us crazies back here on the rock check out:


Take care and know that we're cheering hard for ya! Go Wendy! Go Wendy!