Saturday, January 26, 2008

Quick slideshow of my trip! 


Josh and Barb said...

I laughed, I cried, I longed for a golden pastry boat. You might have missed your calling as an artist.

Great job at Worlds! You've earned a self indulgent off season, make the most of it!


erikv said...
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erikv said...

Two steps at a time, leading the race, nice job at worlds!

Very (yawn) worthy ;)

Nathan said...

Way to go Wendy!!!! Made me wish I was Canadian so I could bask in national pride.

Anonymous said...

Yay Wilco! Yay Wendy, way to go!!

Streeter said...

Congrautulations again on a very successful season. I read through your posts and noted several references to coming down with a cold and such. I have something along those lines you might find iteresting. It is kind of gross but probably at least partially true. I had a college professor (about a year ago, and I should also add that niether he nor I are authorities on the subject) that was obsessed with what actually caused the common cold. After arduous research, he concluded that the primary path for bacteria getting into our bodies was when it becomes lodged in the many folds of our sinus passage; and that the most likely path for the bacteria to make its way deeply into the sinus was when we- shudder to thik about it- "shove our dirty fingers up our nose". According to his research, the notion of ingesting common cold bacteria didn't hold because most bacteria is killed by our digestive fluids. Anyway, just food for thought. (No pun intended)