Saturday, January 5, 2008

Brugge by day

Brugge by night

My new friends Gary and Betty in the Brugge Market square


mckjck said...

Hey Wendy,

I stumbled upon your blog looking for Euro CX results. Brugge is my favorite place. I have been there three different times, but not for the chocolate, for the beer. My favorite beer garden is 't Brugs Beertje. Keep racing and blogging.

Jack, McKenna & Jeff

Wendy Simms said...

HEY! The Croftons!

Our favourite host family!! How are you doing??

The brewery tour is next up on the list of activities for Brugge. Norm gets here Thursday so I will have to wait for him.

Hope you guys are doing well. Great to hear from you. W.

Snarky McPants said...

Wendy. I love your blog!
So glad I ran into it. By way of introduction, I'm a (newly) B level 'cross racer in Portland, OR.
Eat chocolate for me. Lots!

Wendy Simms said...

B level cross racer in Portland is like an A+ level cross racer anywhere else in NA.

Just went to replenish my chocolate stock today actually.....I only allow myself to buy small quantities at once, lest I gorge...