Thursday, October 23, 2008

Im getting HUGE-er in Finland

(YAWN) so maybe you have heard the news, I am currently ranked #1 in the WORLD at the moment. I am for SURE going to be even bigger in Finland. When I ride down the street here in Belgium, people yell out "Hey Wendy Simms, world #1!!" (OK it was Helen and Gabby). I figure Canada should really name a stat holiday named after me now. 

2009 UCI Cyclo-Cross Rankings
Women Elite

Last ranking / Women Elite : 20.10.2008
Ranking Winner

Mondial Ranking SIMMS Wendy (CAN)


MarcB said...

We really need another Holiday.

If Canada doesn't do it maybe Finland will :)

erikv said...

haha I love the yawn. Way to go!

gewilli said...

well at least the UCI is ranking you the way I do, that's awesome!

Arctic Hawk2003 said...

Congrats on your World Cup standings!

Barb said...

do you have a gold sharpie?

CyLowe said...

Finland knows its stuff!

You've got fans south of Canada, too.

#1. That's awesome.