Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Trans Rockies photos
by Norm Thibault (with his new fisheye lens - don't be alarmed)

If my nose looks big with a fisheye lens what the hell will the Wicknasty nose look like??

Marty LOVES TRans Rockies!

Tent city at Nipika

Our super support man - Rollin. Rollin LOVES Trans Rockies! He won 3 of the 7 stages (being the first RV to get to the next site). There were rumours of a few RVs driving erratically and speeding excessively throughout the week. We are pretty sure Rollin was leading the way.

Marty got a lot of treats for being the first model for Norm to practice with his new fisheye lens


alison said...

Humu would like a wallet size of the last Marty one, please.

Simon Zahnd said...

wendy and norm, congrats for another win in canada after bcbr! simon from switzerland - kona team 10 ;-)

Pim said...

Nice pics Norm. He wendy, pleas contact me for this winters worlds in Holland!! Regads Pim

Janet said...

Storm is now wondering if Humu or Marty is the better looking one.....