Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rain, rain, rain.

Bromont World Cup
It pretty much rained ALL week in Bromont, K-bec. Not just drizzly rain but mighty east coast thunderstorms with torrential downpours, crazy lightening and hard core thunder. When it wasn't raining it was humid. The course was a bit of a mess so we didn't ride it very much. Huge bogs that you couldn't ride through, giant puddles that could swallow your front tire whole and lots of sklick off camber roots and rocks. It did more damage to the bike (and my ego) so it was best to just stay away. Everyone was sick of the rain and a bit cranky as we had all been away from home for close to a month and wanted desperately to wrap this trip up. It didn't help that everyone was raving about the weather back home. It wasn't the best attitude to have so we tried to stay busy. We went go-karting, outlet shopping, ate local pie & poutine and we watched a LOT of Discovery Channel. At least it was Shark Week.

Wicknasty ready to rumble

When the race did finally come around it rained all morning. Surprise surprise. At least there was no question what tires I would run.... I had an OK start. For what the start was worth. 10m through thick awkward mud than a left hand turn and start climbing a looooong steep climb. I rocked the first 10m. And apparently the first couple minutes of the climb as a whole bunch of girls got bogged up in mud and had to get off their bikes and run. It wasn't because I had rockstar legs it was because I stayed on my bike. And that first few minutes was about the highlight. I climbed sloooowly and everyone passed me and I rode what I could in the mud and ran the rest but not fast enough to make up too many spots. I seemed to find a groove on the last lap but it was too late. I passed a couple of girls and ended up 20th in a slow motion mud sprint against a Japanese girl. However I WAS told that I won the muddiest person award. Thats worth something isn't it??

My slow motion sprint finish for 20th. That is me in the "white" kit (#23). They are still not clean. photo by Lizzie

Lizzie and Geo were my saviours and took me to the airport right after the race so I could jump on a plane and get home that night. So good to me! Norm was kind enough to plan a 4hr mountain bike ride coined "the impossible ride" the next morning at 8am. But it was a blue bird day so I could not say no. It wasn't my smoothest, fastest ride ever but it was one of the grandest. Nanaimo's best trails, great friends, and hot summer sun. Exactly what I needed.

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