Thursday, May 22, 2008

where's Wendy?

I know, I know. How come I wasn't racing Santa Ynez last weekend?

According to the pre-race report I was third in the series (not true, I double flatted and posted a DNF in Arizona) so why would I no-show? The little rumour bees were flying. I am sick, I am injured, I have run off with my stalker, I am anorexic (seriously! I am the SAME weight as last year! my jerseys were just too big).

But the truth has less drama. I won't be in the running for the NMBS series because I am doing BC Bike Race with Norm in July and will miss the Deer Valley NMBS. So why would I want to fly to California and cook my brains out on a lame course with zero spectators to witness my potential glory?

I much preferred my weekend racing the local Vancouver Island boys on my shiny new Hei Hei Supreme on a sweet course made up of 100% single track. And then Monday, when I would have been in airports all day, I took my shiny new Kula Supreme 29er out for a spin to get used to the BIG wheels after reading about the carnage that was Santa Ynez. Yeah, I guess you could say I was happy with my decision.

Sometimes I just need to go back to my local grassroots events to ride some fun trails with some great people and remember why I got into this sport in the first place.

Thanks to the Port Alberni crew for putting on such a great race. Although the course did not meet UCI code (with its le mans start, logrides and unmanned feedzone in the trees), the singletrack was sweet, the competition was fierce, and the burgers were delicious!

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Matt said...

Yes, I noticed you weren't there. Some stalker I've turned out to be.

It's probably a good thing you didn't go to Santa Ynez. You may have froze to death.