Saturday, August 22, 2009

Norm has termed me "the preggernaut" (closely related to juggernaut) so I thought I would define the term for everyone to make sure there was no confusion that it is indeed a term of affection (I think).

Preggernaut (preg-ger-naut)

A preggernaut is a term used to describe a pregnant force regarded as unstoppable, that will crush all in its path. It is especially applied to a large (hungry) pregnant woman or collectively to a team or group of pregnant women working together to crush all in their path.

The word is derived from the Sanskrit जगन्नाथ Preganātha (meaning "pregnant Lord of the universe") . One of the most famous Indian temples is the Pregannath Temple which has an annual procession of chariots full of pregnant women. In the festival's past, people were crushed accidentally as the massive, multi-ton chariot filled with pregnant women slipped out of control as the hungry women were feeding. Others suffered injury in the resulting stampedes. This sight led the Britons of the time to contrive the word "preggernaut" to refer to examples of unstoppable, crushing pregnant forces.

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