Friday, January 2, 2009

Azencross Womens CX race - lap#1

I borrowed a mini video camera from Rick (Gabby's man) and attached it to my Major Jake for the Azencross GvA race. Its a pretty big file so I had to chop it down. Here is the first lap.

Quick race report to go with it:
I had an OK start but got swarmed by bodies into the first few corners so Marianne Vos (red and blue butt), Katie Compton (butt with stars), Daphny van den Brand (blue DESTIL butt) and Hanka Kupfernagel (white butt) got a bit of a gap. I sifted through most of the bodies and tried to chase down the leaders. They were SO close. But I didn't want to tow everyone around all race so I pulled aside to get some help. Rachel Lloyd (Giant Strawberry butt) took up the chase on lap 2 and closed down the gap to the leaders. We were together for most of the race although I am not going to lie, I dangled a bit. The pace slowed down a bit on the second last lap so Myriam Melchers van Poppel (red white and blue butt) caught back on. We were 7 on the last lap and I had caught my breath. Things were looking good. Although I can't guarantee how I would fare against 3 world champions, I  have a decent kick on occaision. But.... with half a lap to go my PINS of STEEL stomped on the pedals and snapped my chain. crap. I had just passed the pit so I turned around and ran back into the pit and got my other bike. Unfortunately I had lost a few spots as a result. I tagged back onto the end of Georgia Gould's group but had a hard time moving forward as everyone was trying to do the same thing. I ended up 13th. Bummer. 

I will try to figure out how to post the entire race but this should entertain you until then. Enjoy.


erikv said...

Damn you guys are flying!

So you can go backwards into the pits? I thought that was a no-no?

Good luck with the remaining build up to worlds. I hope you have a (yawn) worthy performance like last year, only better ;)

Jeff said...

i beleive the rule is as long as you don't pass the pit exit you can go back. good job on knowing the rules wendy and keep reppin the west coast!!!!

Euro Peloton said...

Very cool video and funny write up too. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see the full resolution version.

There are a number of ways you could share, such as with a .torrent file.

I'm willing to help you do this if you want. seriousconsult AT

Anonymous said...

HQ version would be äwesöme

Kristenn said...

Nice video Wendy! crazy fast you are!!

Anonymous said...

Wendy that is pretty much one of the coolest clips I have ever seen in cross....ever!

Hope to see a higher quality one and the other laps in the future.


Kristenn said...

W, what's the sound track tune?

Anonymous said...

The video is on