Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Costa Brava

So I had 3 choices on what to do between the world cups 
1. Stay in Andorra at altitude and train in the rain in the Pyraneese 
2. Go to Scotland right away and train in the rain at Ben Nevis
3. Go to the coast of Spain and train with Sandra in the sun
hmmmmmm tough choice. 

So we are here at a “fitness resort” called Giverola just north of Barcelona. Sandra used to guide the bike tours a few years ago so she knows the area and everyone at the resort. Its awesome! We have a little apartment overlooking the beach cove and there is everything we need and more. The Swisspower team is here too but they are making us look bad, handing out trading booklets with postcard sized autograph cards to all the kids. 

Recovery mode
Sunday was spent washing clothes (my white kit came clean!). And eating. They have a huge breakfast buffet and theme night dinners. We considered a road ride but it was raining pretty hard so we hit the gym for some stretching and a spin indoors. At least it was probably warmer than Andorra and Scotland. A swim in the mineral pool and a Jacuzzi pretty much made my day. AND it was only Sunday! I am not used to racing Sat so it seemed like “found time”. Sandra figures its just as valuable as found money. I agree.

Back on the program
Monday we had to do some serious bike cleaning. We had pressure washed the bikes after our race in Andorra but there was still a ton of mud in everything so we spent an hour at the bike wash station. Frischy rode by and joked that he was going to bring us his bikes to wash next. Ha ha ha ha. Dick. Afterwards, Sandra took us on this cool mountain bike ride in the hills behind the resort and we found some “extreme” terrain (yah right) for us to ride in the sun. 

Euro massages
The legs still felt pretty tired so we booked a massage with Ali the moroccon massage therapist. Now I know us North Americans are a little body conscious compared to the euros but I am pretty sure I got felt up. His wayward fingertips strayed a little too far off course a few too many times to be coincidence. And I seriously didn’t think my groin needed to be stretched THAT much. And who ever heard of a stomach massage that conveniently strays close to the boobs?? Yvonne doesn't have that one in her arsenal of tricks. I made a comment to Sandra and she said the same thing! Her mom panicked and cancelled her appt. 

This morning I did a road ride into the next town. It was along this great highway that twisted up and down along the coast. And the cars didn’t freak out if they were behind you. Then we went into Tossa de Mar and checked out the castle and took a glass bottom boat back. Off to dinner. Tonight is Greek night. One more day here then we are off to Scotland.

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