Saturday, April 12, 2008

New ride.

My new Kula Supreme. Shiny and new.

The new paint job - pretty flash.

Norm added a little bling to my SID


Back off bitches!

Marty protesting us leaving for Europe. He parked his butt in the bike case. We kept telling him that his buddy Rollin would be here to take care of him but he did not trust us.....


Emperor Ropi said...

It seems there will be a public transportation strike here so I may need to use bike to get to school.

malaika said...

Sweet ride! Congrats on your stellar races, and all the best with what's to come. We'll miss you this weekend but you can count on a few toasts in your name!


Ceri JAKOBSEN! said...

Good luck on the races this weekend Wendy!! We'll be sending our good vibes that way!! I'll eat some belgian chocolate for ya!...those pastries sound pretty wicked...don't hold's all about moderation!! Eat a piece of fruit to make up for the pastry!! haha!!
Look forward to hearing about the next races!!

Katee said...

Nice new ride and love the new color scheme! In the second pic where you can see the bottom bracket, It looks like you are not running the standard black XTR BB (looks like it could be XT?). Also it looks like there are no spacers next to the cups. Is this for reduced Q factor? I'm small and I would really like to reduce my Q factor. Any insight appreciated.

Thanks and good luck in your upcoming races!


Wendy Simms said...

You have a keen eye. Unfortunately I am mechanically retarded so I had to defer to the Kona wrench who put the bike together. He said "Wendy has a Dura Ace BB that I rigged with one 1mm spacer on the bondrice side"

but I am not sure why...

sorry you put me to shame