Saturday, April 28, 2007

Firestone NMBS

I knew it wasn't a great sign that I was weighing the pros and cons of actually lining up for the Firestone short track race during my warm up 30mins before the start. I felt like ass and it wasnt the heat. I have been sick on and off for a month now. What should have been a simple cold has become a monster because I had kept training and racing and traveling before I was healthy and now it was biting me in the ass. I hadn't ridden my bike since the Houffalize World cup because I was so tired so my legs felt good but my head and throat and lungs were getting worse - again. I finally had a good start position for the short track so I didnt want to lose that, and I figured I needed to know for sure how I was felling for the XC so I convinced myself to start. At worst I could drop out if I felt horrible.

Start gun went off and I had good legs so I went into the first corner 3rd. Apparently it was a dustbin behind us so its a good thing I wasn't back there sucking it in. The Luna girls sorted themselves out soon enough and caught us at the start of the second lap. They blew by me so I ended up leading the chase group. I could hear the announcer talking about how Kristin Danielson (Velo Bella - Kona) was having a great ride so I knew she was close behind. She pulled on strong and I hid behind her wee frame for a bit. I tried to give back to KD but made my move a little late as a few other girls were coming on strong. We had a pretty good chase group going but I got antsy when a few girls passed me. I tried to go with them when it narrowed and ended up sliding off a gopher hole and hit the dirt. I got up fast but had lost the chase group. Spent the rest of the race chasing myself but by then my body temp was up, my throat was killing me and I couldn't breath through my nose. Heather Irmiger (Subaru Gary-Fisher) passed me with some authority so I grabbed her wheel and held on to the finish. 10th place in the end I think. Not bad on paper but I felt horrendous afterwards and its only been getting worse.

So I sit here thinking the smartest thing to do is skip the XC tomorrow and concentrate on getting healthy again. Unless I have a miraculous recovery by tomorrow it looks like my first ever DNS. But I am sick of being sick. Its time to kick this and race healthy again.

photos to come.....

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